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We guarantee acceptance

If your photo does not meet the government requirements for any of the passport or ID photos and you submitted to us the updated requirements, we will redo the photo for free or refund you the cost of the photos (must have receipt for refund).


Passports Pricing

$12.99 per set of two pictures.


About babies

We can take passport pictures of babies of any age. Please make sure the child is awake when you come in! Babies under 1 year of age are charged $14.95 regardless of the type of passport needed.


Visas, Citizenship, Immigration Photos

We also are able to take photos for Visa, Citizenship and Immigration documents. We guarantee to pass any government standards. Just supply us the full updated photo size and background (some countries require a color background) requirements for your country. If the requirements are the same for the US passport then you pay US passport prices. If the requirements are different from the US passport then they are charged as foreign country passports. Please let us know at the time the photos are taken if you need any extra sets because we do not keep photos on file.


ID Photos

Photos for nurses' licenses, gun permits and other IDs whenever you want them - but please bring the official specifications! ID photos are $9.95 for a set of two. Duplicate sets are $6.95 per set of two. Please let us know at the time the photos are taken if you need any extra sets because we do not keep photos on file. We can usually print your photos while you wait (about 10 minutes).


Digital Files

Need a digital copy of your passport photo as well? For another $25 we can put it on a

CD for you.


Dress for success

Because a white background is required for most passport photos, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT wear a white blouse, shirt, or jacket. All other colors are acceptable. Try to dress, comb your hair, etc. as you will when you are traveling. The closer you look to your photo, the fewer problems you will have. I suggest you dress somewhat formally and conservatively, because the people who examine your passport tend to be very conservative. There are countries where dress that is too casual or revealing can get you into trouble, so make sure the passport photo - which you'll be using for the next 10 years - is somewhat stuffy!


What it costs to get a US Passport from the Passport Agency

We do not procure passports but here are some links. Costs are changing regularly so it’s best to go to the source:


What you need: Application for a U.S. Passport.

 To download an application form: Click Here

 To download the form to renew a passport by mail: Click Here

 Or, forms can be obtained from any passport agency or acceptance facility
  (such as the main Post Office on Clinton St. downtown Ft. Wayne)






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