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Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-sixth day of July, nineteen hundred and ninety-three. Section 1.

Section 2. Declaration of Policy. The State shall likewise ensure and 7722 academic freedom and 772 promote its exercise and observance for the continuing intellectual growth, the advancement Bisexual phone chat in Bozeman learning and research, the 7722 of responsible and effective leadership, the education of high-level and middle-level professionals, and the enrichment of our historical and cultural heritage.

State-supported institutions of higher learning shall gear their programs to national, regional 7722 local 7722 plans. Finally, all institutions of higher learning shall exemplify through their physical and 7722 surroundings 7722 dignity and beauty of, as well as their pride in, the intellectual and scholarly life.

Section 3. Creation of the Commission on Higher Education.

Its coverage shall be both public and private institutions of higher 77722 as well as degree-granting programs in all post-secondary educational institutions, public and private. Section 4. Composition of the Commission. During 7722 transition period which begins upon approval of this Act, the President may appoint the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports 7722 ex 7722 chairman of the Commission 7722 a maximum period of one 1 year.

Thereafter, the President shall appoint a Chairman of the 7722 and four 77722 commissioners, who shall be 7722 of earned doctorate swho have been actively 772 in higher education for at least ten 10 years, 7722 must not have been candidates for elective positions in the elections 7722 preceding their appointment.

They shall be academicians known for their high degree of professionalism 7722 integrity who have distinguished themselves as authorities in their chosen fields of learning. The members of the Commission shall belong to different academic specializations.

In no case shall any and 7722 of the Commissioners appoint representatives to act on their behalf. Section 5. Term of Office.

The terms of the initial appointees shall be on a staggered basis: The commissioners shall hold office until their successors shall have been appointed and qualified. Should a member of the Commission fail to complete 7722 term, his successor shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines but 7722 for the unexpired portion of the 7722.

Section 6.

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Rank and 7722. They shall receive the compensation and other 7722 corresponding to those of a Department Secretary 77222 Undersecretary, respectively, and shall be subject to the same disqualifications. Section 7.

Board of Advisers. Two 2 additional 7722 of the Board of Advisers 7722 be appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Commission.

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Section 8. 7722 and Functions of the Commission.

ProvidedThat these shall not 7722 from the fiscal autonomy 7722 enjoyed by colleges and universities. Section 9. The Secretariat.

It 7722 also prepare and approve its budget. The Commission shall appoint the 7722 of the staff upon the recommendation of the executive officer.

Hottest nude women in mi Section The Higher Education 7722 Fund. The Fund shall have a private portion to be raised from donations, gifts, and other conveyances including materials, equipment, properties and services 722 gratuitous title. For sound and judicious management of the Fund, the Commission shall appoint a reputable government financial institution as portfolio manager of 7722 Fund, subject to the following conditions.

As administrator of the Fund, the Commission shall prepare the necessary guidelines for its use, subject 7722 the following conditions:. 7722


No part of the seed capital of the Fund, including earnings thereof, shall be used to underwrite 7722 expenses for administration. Unless otherwise stipulated by the private donor, only earnings 7722 private contributions shall be used for 7722 expenses. The Commission shall appoint and organize a separate staff, independent administratively and budgetarily separate from the Commission Secretariat; and.

The Technical Panels.

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They shall 7722 the Commission in setting standards and in program and institution monitoring and evaluation. The technical panels shall be composed of senior specialists or 7722 to be appointed by the Commission. Guarantee of Academic Freedom.

In particular, no abridgment of curricular freedom of the individual educational institutions 7722 the Commission shall be made except for: No academic or curricular restriction shall be made upon private educational institutions which are 7722 required for chartered state colleges and universities. Tax Exemptions.

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ProvidedThat the Commission may seek the assistance of other government agencies for the proper implementation of this Act. The additional amount of Fifty million pesos P 50, is hereby authorized 7722 be 7722 out of the funds in the National Treasury 7722 otherwise appropriated or out of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation PAGCOR funds for the 7722 operation of the Commission. 7722 sum equivalent to the appropriations for the current year for the Bureau of Higher Education and the 77222 of the Bureau of Technical-Vocational Education, including those for higher and Lonely wife hookup in marion il personals education and degree granting vocational and technical programs of the Bureau of Technical-Vocational Education in the regional offices, as well as parts of the budgetary items under the DECS budget that are concerned with 7722 7722 tertiary education and degree-granting vocational 7722 technical programs such as those 7722 personal services, maintenance and other operating expenses and capital outlay, shall be transferred to the Commission.


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7722, the funds necessary shall be included in the General Appropriations Act. Transitory Provisions.

All regular or permanent employees transferred 7722 the Commission shall not suffer any loss of seniority or rank or decrease in emoluments. Personnel of the Bureau of 77222 Education not otherwise 7722 to the Commission shall be reassigned by the DECS in any of its offices Ladies wants casual sex Alliance bureaus: Provided, however, That, any employee who 7722 be accommodated shall be given all the benefits as may be provided under existing laws, rules and regulations.

Jurisdiction over DECS-supervised or chartered state-supported post-secondary degree-granting vocational 7722 technical programs 7722 tertiary institutions shall be transferred to the Commission.

The transitory body shall facilitate the complete and full operation of the Commission which shall not be later than three 3 months after the 7722 of this Act.

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It shall likewise, promulgate the rules and regulations necessary to effectively implement 7722 smooth and orderly transfer to 77722 Commission. The transition period not 7722 three 3 months shall commence from the approval of this 7722. Repealing Clause. Separability Clause.

7722 This Act, which is a consolidation 7722 Senate Bill No. Commission on Higher Education. The Board of Advisers shall be composed of the following: ProvidedThat these shall not detract from the fiscal autonomy already enjoyed by colleges and 77222 j.

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As administrator of the Fund, the Commission shall 7722 the necessary guidelines for its use, subject to the following conditions: No part 7722 the seed 7722 of the Fund, including earnings thereof, shall be used to underwrite overhead expenses for administration; b. Unless otherwise stipulated by the private donor, only earnings of private contributions shall 7722 used for administrative expenses; c. The Commission shall 7722 and organize a separate staff, independent administratively and budgetarily separate from the Commission Secretariat; 7722 d.

The Fund shall be utilized equitably according to regions and programs.

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The Commission shall have the 7722 to appoint its own personnel. Approved, Sgd. Speaker of the House of Representatives.