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Serbia's history begins with the Neolithic Starcevo and Vinca cultures residing in or around present-day Belgrade some 8, years ago. By the 2nd century BC Romans had overpowered the region of Serbia, amongst many other parts of Europeand it was the most Looking for Serbia ending today Serbian Looking for Serbia ending today Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, who is credited with introducing Christianity to the Roman Empire.

However, it wasn't until the 7th century AD, when Slavic peoples migrated to the Balkans under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, which truly jump-started the beginning of the Serbian state. This First Serbian Dynasty was short lived, unfortunately, and dissolved back into the Byzantine Empire in Housewives want sex Walton Oregon 97490 It didn't take long for a new uprising to Sfrbia, and in the state of Duklja brought down the Byzantine rule.

Throughout the 11th and 12th centuries Duklja controlled Serbian lands, expanding east and south towards Kosovo and Looking for Serbia ending today Macedonia. It was during this time that Serbia had reached its territorial and cultural peak, and a universal system of laws was enacted.

After Tsar Dusan's passing, the fall of Constantinople to the Turks and the Siege of Belgrade, Serbia's empire collapsed only to be quickly taken over by the Ottoman's.

Through the next several hundred years the Ottoman's ruled much of southeastern Europesouthwestern Asia and Northern Africa. It wasn't without resistance, however, and in the early 's the First Serbian Uprising led to Serbia's independence for nearly a decade before the Ottoman's regained control.

Today's Paper Serbia's Aleksandar Kolarov, left, scored on a free kick to give his team blows his whistle and ends a hectic eight minutes of stoppage time. The roles have reversed here in Samara, but neither team looks. The term Greater Serbia or Great Serbia describes the Serbian nationalist and irredentist After the end of the Balkan Wars, the Kingdom of Serbia achieved the .. The Serbs today have a primary and basic duty – to create and organize a . and Croatian republics seeking a confederacy and Serbia a stronger federation. Ratko Mladic at the end of by an international tribunal closed an era of the U.N.-administered Yugoslav war Today Serbia is a parliamentary democracy.

The Second Serbian Uprising shortly thereafter resulted in a compromise, and Serbia was granted independence that was internationally recognized. This compromise prohibited the country from merging with Bosnia and Raska, however.

At the beginning of the 20th century the First Balkan War began, at which the ending proved to benefit Serbia whose territory expanded to encompass Raska and Kosovo. This didn't sit well with the Bulgariansand the Second Balkan War was quick to follow. Print this map.

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