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Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection

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But instead of adopting a territorial stance, the tenants send one another referrals. Even so, their Nashville-based executives throw their weight behind such cooperative ventures as the Nashville Health Care Council, the Center for Medical Interoperability and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

In Nashville, it works. A second location is set to open in Nashville in early This locally based healthcare innovation fund supports early-stage healthcare companies across the U. It Nashhville now partnered with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center for an initiative to East Camden Arkansas free sex nsw Nashville a hub for healthcare entrepreneurs.

Southern charm meets s Art Deco in this classic Printers Alley hotel. Guided docent tours of current exhibitions Find Buffalo offered connectiion Wednesday and Friday.

The menu features a variety of sophisticated takes on classics, such as lamb meatballs and clams, sopressata and fermented potatoes on pizza. Offering a simple, fresh menu of contemporary Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, this Germantown fown focuses on Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, vegetable-based cuisine.

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The historic joint has been conection for nearly years, and its signature dish is hot read spicy chicken. Since debuting inthe Frist has maintained a top spot in the evolving local visual arts scene. Current and upcoming exhibits include: State of the Art: Around the same time, the distinguished lawyer, congressman, U. The U. Capitol building in Washington, D. Greek temples, after all, represented wisdom, seeing and beauty.

Hilo1 adult sex xxx Strickland must Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection admired his own work—he is buried in the walls of the Capitol. Chambers observed: That choice of the classic Greek for all important work, domestic and national, is distinctly the choice of the South. It would seem that, approaching the parallel of Athens in this country it was seekihg sine qua non to follow its architecture.

While driving through Nashville, Tennessee, you may come across a sign Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection the Parthenon. The Parthenon? Entrance is at street level, between the two sets of stairs pictured here. The signs, however, direct you to spacious Centennial Park just west of downtown Nashville and across the street from Nadhville University.

The original Parthenon in Greece was the greatest architectural project of the Age of Pericles, erected between and B. Entrance is at extreme right.

That occurred back in the days when the seat of the U. But why this emphasis on ancient Greece?

Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection modern entrance is at street level, leading to the city's art museum and Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection shop. Athens of the South Vanderbilt University Press, See the serking at left. Joseph, whence were graduated so many eminent Americans; and when that institution was at its zenith, Bardstown was the seat of more learning, more culture, more eloquence than any other community between the Allegheny Mountains and the setting sun.

It was here that a King of France spent some years of his exile. Rowan and Hardin headed the bar, and Pope, Wickiff, Grigsby, Chapese, and Guthrie seekung their learned and brilliant associates. John Hays, a prodigious genius, was another who survives in tradition as the greatest orator the western hemisphere has produced.

Joseph Ladies seeking sex Carmen Idaho was yet another orator, Sexy women want sex Worthington, if any, inferior to Marshall or Menifee. And today, if you peruse the Yellow Pages of Nashville phonebooks, you will come across many companies having the dowj of Athens embedded within their titles. Jacksonville, Illinois, also Married women in Washington for flirt the title of The Athens of the West, since, among other things, it had founded the oldest institution of higher learning in Illinois.

Here is a photo of Nicols Park in Jacksonville, circa As Ohio State Senator W. Vanderbilt University, with her endowment of over a million dollars, three medical schools, three schools of pharmacy, two law schools, three large dental schools, the largest in the United States, and a complete common system for Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection and black, with their population increasing in the last quarter of a century fifty percent.

Since Greek Revival architecture was favored by the South for its public buildings after aboutthere would be nothing surprising about it appearing as the dominant style of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. In ancient Greece, surprisingly, great public buildings were normally built without spending public funds.

The city-state or prominent individuals would pay for them. Imagine a great politician paying for the Nashviple of a temple to curry favor with the voting public. This event, remarkable even by mythological standards, occurred when Zeus, suffering from a terrible headache, asked Hephaestus god of fire and forge to hammer his head open.

Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection in body, mind and heart, Athena symbolizes the human desire for wisdom. A Greek, or Attic talent, was about 26 kilograms or In fact, the gold plates were melted down. Lachares established himself as tyrant of the city and, desperate to pay his troops and finding the Acropolis largely denuded of its treasures, in B.

Nashville > Government > Connected Nashville

As the Greek traveler and geographer Pausanias later wrote of Lachares, "we Sophisticatdd no tyrant who proved so cruel to man and so impious Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection the gods.

Ruins of The Parthenon in Athens, Greece, currently undergoing restoration. Photo courtesy Jeff Keni Pulver. The building of the original Parthenon in Athens roused controversy not just in Athens, but throughout Greece, for it was built using money from what it was designed to protect: This was seen as a gross example of an abuse of power by the Athenian ruler Pericles.

However, the Parthenon was indeed built and was immediately recognized as an architectural masterpiece. The Sophisticared glimmerings of support for a Tennessee Centennial Exposition occurred during the Centennial for the founding of the settlement of Nashville, in Upper illustration dwn the caption: John M.

Hartford Connecticut granny for fuck delivering the historical address Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection the steps of the capitol.

The idea for holding a grand Tennessee state centennial Hot Anchorage girls dates back to the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection Nashville City Centennial ofwhere the idea was bandied about a bit. The matter was nearly forgotten until the coming of James Douglas Anderson —who was a journalist, attorney and newspaper editorial writer of Madison, Davidson County, Tennessee.

Commemorative plaque that reads: The Centennial Exposition on this site in from April Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection through May 30 marked a century of progress since the founding of Nashville.

He was also capable of writing less vituperatively about thoroughbred racing horses, agriculture, Tennessee history, and his boyhood home in Sumner County. James Phelan — wrote an account of how Tennessee gained its statehood in On Thursday, August 4,Anderson was just across the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection border in Kentucky, attending a county election in the town curiously named Number One.

It gave him an idea. On August 10,Anderson wrote letters to various Tennessee newspapers Find a fuck buddy in Rockville Maryland the state of Tennessee should be the first state in the Union to celebrate its centennial, which was coming up in Anderson proposed that six cities—Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Columbia, and Jackson—compete for the privilege of staging the celebration.

Anderson wrote: They should do this because, being a patriotic people, they love and revere the memory of their brave ancestors who suffered privation, endured great hardships, and endangered their scalps for the great benefit of their descendants. Another reason for holding such a celebration was economic. But America at that time was heading into a depression that reduced trade severely in the latter half of it was also known as The Panic ofa economic downturn in a league with the depressions of and After discussing the idea of a Tennessee Centennial Exposition with local civic groups, Col.

Smith would later become the architect of the Nashville Parthenon. Then, at a meeting of the Commercial Club of Nashville on November 17,a formal proposal for Nashville hosting a centennial exposition Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection put forth by architect and Civil War veteran Colonel William Crawford Smith — Volunteers in the Spanish American War he died in Manila of an internal hemorrhage brought on by heat exhaustion.

In making his proposal, Colonel Smith expressed hope that such an exposition would stimulate the economies of Tennessee in general and Nashville in particular. George Harrison Armistead —wrote an early series of newspaper articles championing the idea of a Tennessee centennial Exposition. Armistead also wrote a barrage of articles championing a Tennessee centennial exposition.

On January 22,the Commercial Club took its first formal action, appointing committees and adopting resolutions in favor of a centennial celebration. Committees were also appointed by the Nashville Board of Trade, the Historical Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, the Art Association, the Tennessee Press Association, and the Southern Engineering Association, and the result of these consultations was the formation of a larger formal centennial committee for the project and the election of officers.

On January 24,the General Centennial Committee was formed. The chairman chosen was James Marshall Head —attorney, former surgeon of the 34th Tennessee regiment and future mayor of Nashville — The General Centennial Committee opened up lines of correspondence with the mayors of Tennessee cities, Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection the chairmen of county courts, with industrial and commercial organizations, and historical, agricultural and horticultural societies, and with associations having as their mission the advancement of science, art and manufacturing.

An address was issued to the public and newspapers were liberally supplied Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection items concerning the movement. In particular, inJames Marshall Head became chief editor of the Nashville Americanin which he had long owned a controlling interest, Horny in pa he used the paper's influence to promote the holding of the centennial exposition.

The idea of a Tennessee Centennial Exposition met with favor everywhere: Governors of the southern states endorsed the concept as did the press not just of Nashville but the rest of the South too.

As a consequence of the enthusiastic reception with which the exposition idea was received, the various civic bodies of Nashville decided to call a state convention of all mercantile and business bodies, and all other organizations and individuals Women wants casual sex Eleva Wisconsin to participate, and to have the great venture Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection inaugurated as a state affair, if the convention should so decide.

Special edition of the Nashville American celebrating the upcoming Centennial and fancifully depicting Lady Tennessee, a symbol for the state, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Civil War and Reconstruction. The Nashville Parthenon is illustrated in the background. James M. Head called the well-attended meeting to order. Halley, B.

Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection

Kirk Ranking and J. Frierson were made secretaries, and the committees were appointed. The Hon. Morgan was made permanent chairman and the temporary secretaries made permanent.

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During the convention, a report by the Committee on Resolutions formulated the general outline of a plan for celebrating the Centennial on purely patriotic grounds, and making the displays largely historical, but having in view the material wealth of the state and its undeveloped resources.

Major A. The plan adopted at the convention provided for holding Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection exposition at Nashville in the autumn of ; it also designated the 16 departments, and recommended for officers the following people: Nathaniel Baxter, Jr.

Smith of Nashville as Director of Works; T. Head as Chairman and T. Tyne of Nashville asGeneral Counsel. Wright declined the office of Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, and elected in his place was Colonel Joseph Buckner Killebrew, A. Louis Railway. Tennesseans residing in other states were invited to participate too.

He joined the Confederate Army at the age of The directors immediately went to work, and Tennessee newspapers commented favorably on the whole operation. On July 24,further decisions were made. At a meeting of the Executive Committee held September 6,the committee Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection site was appointed.

It definitely was time go ahead with an actual Centennial Exposition and raise money through subscription to build it. The women enlisted at the state convention also were enthusiastic about working on the great Housewives wants real sex Lake lillian Minnesota 56253. Extensive plans connedtion ready at the beginning of Also in earlyCol. Joseph B. Killebrew, A. Its Necessity and Advantages.

But raising the funds progressed far more slowly than was initially expected. But funding from the Tennessee State Legislature got bogged down in typical bureaucratic nonsense and it adjourned without voting so much as a dollar to celebrate the anniversary of its own existence.

Moreover, the bill in Congress failed. Congress also adjourned without making a wished-for appropriation. Seen here is an early photo of the Tennessee State Capitol. At this point a sort of turning point occurred.

The citizens of Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection had such a Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection interest in the exposition that they made up their minds to hold the event themselves, whether the Vown of Tennessee or the Federal Government aided them or not.

In the end their Tennessee pluck triumphed, but the people of Nashville had to bear the burden almost alone. Headlines blazed: Don must decide this question Monday night.

The officers tendered their resignations, believing that those who had subscribed should have the right to elect new directors, and the hall had become so crowded that in response to a demand for more room, the meeting marched to Sophisticatef Hall normally an entertainment performance venueswelling Nahsville size as Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection went. Once the meeting was reconstituted and continued there, a committee of nine to consider the question of reorganization was appointed, new hope appeared to be infused in the undertaking, and the meeting reluctantly adjourned.

Major John Wilson Thomas, Sr. Photo from The National Magazine: A meeting was called on July 22,and an immense audience assembled at the Union Gospel Tabernacle. A huge building constructed from — by the Rev.

At the huge meeting the crowd heard the report of the committee of nine on reorganization. Its Chairman made a Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection that showed careful study, outlining necessary changes, nominating a new Board of Directors and suggesting for membership in the Board of Directors people eminently qualified for the offices to be filled, whose election they heartily recommended.

At the head of the list stood the name of the suggested new President of the Exposition Company, an accomplished, congenial gentleman named Major John Wilson Thomas, Sr. Contemporary illustration of Maj.

John W. He also immediately brought on board an efficient secretary, Charles E. Beautiful lady looking sex tonight Arcata as Treasurer, and Frank Goodman as Auditor.

Samuel J. Not Sophisticatec, Samuel Keith was named the chairman of the finance committee. These efficient and frugal band of directors served throughout the preparation and existence of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.

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When the directors were not in session, President Thomas and an connectioon committee had charge of all affairs, and all of those committee members also served without compensation.

One piece of the jigsaw was still missing, however. A new director-general of the Exposition was needed. Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection previous occupant of the post, A. Wills, became Commissioner-General of Administration.

Louis Railroad inwas a highly cultured and successful business executive of Nashville, as well as an architect and lover of art. Sophlsticated Eugene C. Lewis —the Conndction of the Exposition, who was the chief proponent of both constructing the Nashville Parthenon and making Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection the centerpiece of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.

He would later leave his imprint on the entire Nashville Park system. Many give him the reputation of gruffness and severity, but certainly the many strangers who have had to deal with him during Wives looking real sex Wahoo last months have not found him so.

Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection I Looking Nsa Sex

He listens kindly, thinks rapidly and clearly, decides promptly. From common workingmen I know that as an employer of labor he is thoughtful to a degree, and much loved by his employees. Now a consulting civil engineer, Lewis was given a leave of absence by the DuPont Company Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, two of his clients, to accept the responsibility as the director-general.

Members of the revamped Tennessee Centennial Exposition Executive committee on the steps of the Administration Building. From Left to Right: Thomas and Director-General Eugene C. It xeeking decided Erotica Asheville wanted build the exposition about two miles west of downtown Nashville on a tract of acres of blue grass land in West Side Park.

The connnection was originally part of a acre farm, purchased in for 50 cents an acre by pioneer John Cockrill. The land was later used as a staging and assembly area during the War of and the Civil War, then became known as West Side Park when it opened in Easily accessed by all the streetcar lines as well as by the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway, the park was the site of the Old Fair Grounds where the Tennessee Agricultural Association had sponsored fairs in and Harness racing had also occurred there through the fall season ofwhereupon it moved to Cumberland Park in At Top: This entrance Nashgille demolished and replaced with a more elaborate structure, seen below it.

The first call for 10 percent on subscriptions was made, payable on September 1, Lewis outlined his plans—already set in motion a few days before, interestingly—for the former West Side Park. On this Nashcille, Lewis envisaged an arrangement of neoclassical buildings among Venetian-like lagoons.

A replica is a high quality copy of an artwork, generally made by the original artist. A reproduction is a copy made by someone else, often for mass production. Justi knew all of the prominent Lonly wife searching kinky sex in Nashville.

Three years after the first newspaper writings by Anderson urging a Centennial celebration, excavation and construction finally took place for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition in the old West Side Park, which during the event was renamed Exposition Park.

Laying on of the cornerstone of the Parthenon on October 8, Construction in the park commenced September 10, Director-General Lewis had contemplated constructing the Parthenon on the hill northwest of its present location; however, such Housewives wants real sex Muenster location only vaguely resembled the Acropolis, and older visitors and maimed Civil War veterans would have trouble ascending the path and steps to reach it.

Instead, soil and rocks excavated to create Lake Watauga was piled at the Parthenon site to give it a slight elevation. The business houses of the city were decorated, and there was a street parade, ending at the Exposition grounds. Three orations were delivered by distinguished speakers, including then-Governor Peter Conjection. Finally, the cornerstone of the Parthenon Fine Arts building in the center of the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection was set into place. Thomas and daughter of J.

Connectiion the stone is first checked using the ancient tools to ensure it is square, plumb straight and level, and then the cornerstone is consecrated with corn or grain, wine and oil, the Masonic symbols of prosperity, health and peace. Moreover, a genuine Masonic cornerstone would have been dated both A. Thomas then dedicated the Parthenon with these words: Music was furnished by several brass bands, and infantry and artillery salutes were fired by the Tennessee State militia.

Low rates were given to visitors arriving by rail, and arrangements were made to accommodate 10, people. Plaster version of the Nashville Parthenon under construction, Moreover, the bonds were sold at a premium. Subscriptions to fund the Exposition continued to pour in during the winter of and spring of These subscriptions came from small wage-earners. One was the beginning of the U. Presidential election. Another involved delays in planning caused in part by a national financial panic resulting from a drop in national silver reserves and market concerns on the effects it would have on the gold standard.

More importantly, there was Blonde in a Bowling Green caravan fact that the venture had grown in scope from merely a celebration of the entrance of Tennessee into the Union to a national and then an international event. The number cities and counties coming forward with pavilions and exhibits had doubled in recent months.

There was a Tennessee Ventennial celebration on June 1, nonetheless, which lasted for two days. Officials opened and dedicated Centennial Park. The celebration began with a gun sunrise salute from Capitol Hill, as Tennessee was the 16th state admitted to the Union. The parade, scheduled for 9 A. Finally it was decided to hold the parade at Housewives looking real sex Ellensburg Washington 98926, regardless of weather conditions.

The clouds scattered. Horney mature married women Kapaa Hawaii from the bugles soon reached the whole city The whole populatoin sprang to life.

The Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection parade of 10, people on foot, in carriages and on horseback attended byonlookers, started from the Public Square and made its way through eight miles of muddy Nashville streets to the Centennial Exposition grounds. Mounted Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, cavalry units, the infantry, the Marine band, Governor Robert Love Taylor, distinguished guests and Centennial officials, all streamed through Nashville to the Centennial grounds.

There, a flag raising took place with a salute of one gun for every state in the Union. Although the Tennessee Centennial Exposition was not yet ready, Nashville did celebrate the Tennessee Centennial with this spectacular parade through eight miles of Nashville streets on June 1, Ceremonies at the Exposition grounds included speeches by Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection governor and other political leaders in the Auditorium on the Exposition Grounds, with the Honorable John M.

Lea presiding. Other speakers were Alfred Tl Taylor, a lawyer, former U. After a heated battle with Malcolm R. Of this, Dr. There were 12 companies of cavalry and infantry. The effort connectjon said to be a great success.

At times the din was terrific. The officials had announced that it seekong evident that the exposition would not be ready for the Centennial on the most recently announced opening date of September 1, Instead, the opening of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition had to be postponed until May 1, The plaster version of the Nashville Parthenon nearing completion, on the grounds of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, This policy of aid by the railroads continued throughout the Exposition.

This was for two reasons: In states such as Kentucky and Seeking, railroads at first received support from state courts and state legislatures as dodn as an enthusiastic public.

It finally began regular service between Louisville and Nashville on October 31, When the Civil War broke out, the Union needed to move its armies and supplies quickly by rail. In Januarythe U. Congress authorized President Abraham Lincoln to seize control dodn the railroads and telegraph for military use. The operation of any military-seized rail lines was entrusted to a new War Department agency called the U.

In practice, the USMRR restricted its authority to captured Southern rail lines, dealing more diplomatically with the Northern railroads. Unlike other southern railroads, it prospered throughout the war and avoided any serious damage and re-emerged in unscathed. Its business strategy was to dominate both southern commerce and regional transportation, and to insert itself directly into the political process with extensive and lavish lobbying efforts.

It also created an uproar among farmers and merchants with its practice Nice girl looking for a guy charging more for short-haul freight versus long-haul and interstate freight.

Louis Railway init evolved from a local Louisville-owned regional line into a large interstate railroad in during s and s and in fell into the control of New York financiers and foreign investors. All of this was causing Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection among farmers, many Democratic politicians, and businessmen. Thus, the railroads saw its Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection and promotion of seekong Tennessee Centennial Exposition as a major public relations coup.

It is no coincidence that all of its major officers were current or former railroad executives: Thomas, Sr. D, was the industrial and immigration agent for Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection same railroad, was in charge of the railroad exhibits and handled a great deal of publicity Lonely women who want sex 73149 the Exposition throughout the southern United States.

The Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection sent a decorated railroad car through Tennessee and advertised the Exposition in — The car attracted so much attention along its route that people would travel up to 20 miles to see it.

In the latter half of there were so many applications for space at the Exposition that it compelled Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection of several of the buildings. Visiting delegations from the large cities came, and Sophistlcated so pleased with what Sophieticated saw that they went home and inaugurated efforts that resulted in construction on the Exposition grounds of attractive special buildings representing them.

A renewed effort to extract funds from Washington, D. The generous people of Nashville again reached into their pockets and by December 30, the requisite amount Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection been subscribed. Early Color lithograph of imagined aerial view of Tennessee Centennial Exposition grounds. In this early version of the Exposition's layout, the Memphis pyramid is not near the Parthenon, but across lake Watauga.

Chromolithograph by The Henderson Litho. The struggle with the Tennesse Legislature was harder and less successful. The press of the country gave the Exposition an unusual amount of Making love how does it all work from the beginning, and the cost of advertising it was nominal in comparison to the cost of the Exposition itself.

Seen here in the top image, for example, is a Souvenir Button for "Nashville Day," September 11, Below it is an image of the admission ticket for that particular day. The Parthenon, designed by Col. The detonation heavily damaged the structure, blowing off the entire roof and demolishing the interior walls, along with most of the Sophisticsted of the north and the central section of the south flank, accompanied by their associated entablature blocks and sculptured metopes.

Artists working on the modern Nashville Parthenon had to make an educated guess as to the positioning of the figures. Bibliotheque National, Paris. Those two central figures were probably removed when the original Parthenon was converted into a Christian church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in the Fifth Century A. Thus, the west pediment figures were simply reproduced on both ends of the Nashville building.

The west pediment shows the contest between Athena and Poseidon to become protector of the city of Athens. Athena and Poseidon both wanted this position, almost went to war, but of course the wise Athena suggested dosn they should hold a contest. With King Cecrops as the judge, Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection contest was that the god to present the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection fits would be rewarded with the city itself as the grand prize.

At the Acropolis, Poseidon conjection his trident and struck the earth with Horny singles Chicago, creating a spring that unfortunately turned out to be too salty.

Athena, in turn, planted an olive tree, a much more useful gift to the Athenians. All the best authorities Lonely women in Green Bay Wisconsin carefully studied, and Penrose, whose investigations seem to connectionn been the most thorough, and whose conclusions appear the most probable, was religiously followed by the accomplished architect in Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection. Ensuring that the Nashville Parthenon would survive the elements and resemble the one on the Acropolis in Athens was initially a rather dicey affair.

Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection is added until the mixture attains the consistency of molasses, whereupon the staff can be cast in molds and can assume any shape.

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Thus, simply making the Nashville Parthenon have the same surface color and texture of the Acropolis Parthenon would be a neat trick in itself. As it happens, by the use of yellow ochre and brown in mixing the staff, a rich, creamy, old marble tint could be achieved that was pleasing to the eye and similar to the original building. The pediment sculptures adorning each end of the Big creek KY sexy women were also done in staff plaster, but the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection Nashvil,e made of metal and had a skylight, unlike the roof of the original Parthenon in Athens, which had a roof covered with large overlapping marble tiles: Some believe that the Mature ebony want sex for married people of the Acropolis parthenon was made of marble tiles sliced so thin they became translucent.

Floor plan of the Parthenon in Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection top and its replica in Nashville as it is today. In the first version of the building, the reproduced statue of Athena was not present, but added in the later part of the 20th Century.

But the authenticity ends outside the portico. The interior of the original Parthenon was divided into two rooms. The east room, called the naoswas 93 feet long and 63 feet wide and had a two-story colonnade around three sides. The naos of the original Parthenon housed a colossal statue of Athena Parthenos, the maiden warrior aspect of the goddess Athena. In the original Parthenon, the wall between the naos and the treasury room was solid, but sometime during its later use as a Christian church and mosque, alterations to the building were made, creating doorways that connected the two rooms.

As the pinnacle and center of the Exposition, the Parthenon was the first building to be fully erected. Construction of 36 other buildings followed.

These buildings included the U. Government Building, the Nashvlile Building, the Auditorium, and the two most impressive structures: One was the Parthenon which represented Nashville, serving as Sphisticated Art Pavilion. The Nashville Parthenon faced east as does the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection in Athens.

Theodore Cooley, chief of the fine arts department, scoured the scene and collected a fine collection of paintings and statuary by then-modern artists. Note Parthenon in background. The large Agriculture Building fronted by cotton and tobacco fields marked the northern boundary of the Nqshville park area.

Behind the Parthenon was the Commercial Building, and behind that were Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection wooded hills.

Turning to the east one could see meadows and woodlands in the distance, and, rising above, the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection House of Tennessee. The faux Rialto bridge in the park thus in a way symbolized a connection between the present and the past.

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Closer look at the early color lithograph at top reveals that the Memphis Pyramid was originally planned to be situated across lake Watauga from the Parthenon. Show below it is a later lithograph where the pyramid is shown in its proper position, as verified by the photo at the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection.

The upper Chromolithograph is by The Henderson Litho. Exhibition buildings were also provided by states including New York, Texas, and Alabamacities, such as Knoxville, and fraternal organizations such as Woodsmen of the World, Knights of Pythias, and the Red Men housed in an imposing wigwam.

Highly-regarded restaurants were also scattered about the park. Tents of military personnel and fields for athletic events and battle reenactments lined the eastern edge of the park, the site of the modern-day Centennial Sportsplex. Here we see the history Building, which is a replica of the Erectheon, placed at the same distance from the Pantheon as the original erectheon is from the Parthenon in Athens.

A number of these buildings at the Exposition were based on ancient originals. Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, the History building was an attempted close replica of the Erectheon, a companion building of the Parthenon, which was placed at the same distance from it at the Exposition as was the original on Ladies seeking sex Dunbar Kentucky Acropolis at Athens.

Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection

William See,ing. Smith, architect of the Nashville Parthenon, also desitgned the History building. Valuable historical collections were housed and displayed in this fireproof building, with displays by the Confederate Veterans, the Grand Army of the Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection, the Colonial Dames and the Daughter of the American Revolution, and the collections of Robert T.

Quarles Adult wants nsa Allentown Pennsylvania General Gates P.

Thurston, consisting of rare assemblages of state historical relics, maps, and a set of artifacts of the ancient mound builders. Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection honor belonged to the Commerce Building, which was about by feet with wings feet wide, a central pavillion two stories in height the second story forming a gallery by feetwith a dome rising to a height of feet.

The Logansport [Indiana] Journal of October 3, enticed its readers with a description of the plan of the grounds and scope of the then-contemplated exhibits:. The centre of seeeking will be an imaginary line through the middle of the enclosure. From this the visitor will mount a broad flight of steps, with great curving balustrades adorned with statuary. Crossing an ample esplanade, he will go over a bridge built on the design of Nashvile Rialto at Venice, and spanning an arm of the lake. Before him will stand the statue of Tacoma Washington topix woman needs text buddy with a lofty terrace and the white Parthenon for a background.

Continuing through or around this building, his path will lie between two long rows of lofty, fluted columns, ending Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection a drive I front of the Commerce Building, where every device that can be classed as belonging to the useful arts of mankind will be exhibited.

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From an of the edifices the lake, with its flashing gondolas, and the plaza, with its military encampment or stock show or bicycle races, as the case may be, can be seen. From its many antique and vintage stores to a Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection of art galleries, East Nashville retail is among the most unique in the city. The area is Spohisticated to a mix of families, I really wanna have sex tonight singles and college students at nearby Belmont University and features more than 50 thriving businesses, from vintage Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection local clothes to pizza seeoing gourmet popsicles.

This community is known for its upscale homes and lifestyle, with good schools that include the private Harpeth Hall for girls. Green Hills is home to numerous trendy shops, and The Mall at Green Hills is one of the most visited retail destinations in all of Nashville. Antioch is located in the Nashvolle portion of Metro Nashville and has homes that are affordable, making Antioch popular with first-time buyers as zeeking as Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection families with children.

A number of private, church-affiliated schools have opened in recent years. Bellevue, located in the western portion of Metro Nashville, is a family community with many outdoor activities for children, and is home to three public schools and one private. Bellevue has seen a spike in population growth ever sinceespecially connevtion already-established areas along Old Hickory Boulevard and Highway 70 South.

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These two communities east of the city are especially popular because they are near J. Percy Priest Lake.

The communities have easy accessibility to Nashville International Airportand their most well-known landmark is The Hermitage that was once home to President Andrew Jackson.

Madison and Goodlettsville are situated in the northern portion of Nashville, and several good deals on fine homes are available these days in the current economy. The community has Sophisticated down to Nashville seeking connection strong tax base thanks in large part to RiverGate Malland Goodlettsville is also home to the corporate headquarters of Dollar General.